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Rogers Centre seating?

1 answer

Simon Drum
Simon Drum
Best Answer


Seating Availability for Rogers Centre Blue Jays Games depend on the success of the team. The 2015 Season couldn’t have demonstrated this better.

From April-July 2015, there was always plenty of seats available, as the Blue Jays haven’t made the playoffs since they won the World Series in 1993. When August came around and the Blue Jays started their charge to their playoffs, the availability of tickets started to diminish to where there has been weeks of consecutive sell-out crowds. Even on a Tuesday night, 50,000 Blue Jay fans come out to support their team.

This means that if you want a ticket and there are not available on Ticketmaster, you will have to go to resellers online such as, or to try your luck outside the stadium with scalpers.


This link gives you an idea of the stadium and prices


The ‘In The Action’ lower level seats around the infield offer the best view of the game, and a chance to get foul pop-ups. 

They start at $275 for a regular game, or $275 for a game against a big team like the Yankees or Red Sox, and only go up from there.

The seats between the dugouts around home-plate are great as well, particularly the ‘TD Comfort Club-House’ seats offer a great birds-eye view of the game. Although you are on the second level, it does not seem elevated — you feel like you are right on top of the action. 


Sections 540-544 & 504-508: 

These seats are not only a long way from the action, but also; 1) you cannot see the scoreboard, and 2) you cannot see the Left/Right Field wall unless you stand up and try to peer over the top to see if the ball dropped over the wall for a home-run.


Sections 525-522: 

While they are little high, for as low as $13, these seats are great value as they are right behind home plate at the ‘300’ level. 


The advantage of sitting on the Western side of the ball park at any level (particularly 128-130, 231-236, 342-356, and 531-536), is that WITH THE ROOF OPEN, you will have a view of the magnificent CN Tower in the backdrop of the play on the field

Budweiser Standing Section:

With any price of ticket (particularly a cheap $13 one),  a great way to watch the game is to go to the Budweiser standing section overlooking centre field. This is a great spot to stand with beers and go to the nearby bar back and forth. However, these spots are in high demand in big games, so to secure a spot you do need to get there quite early before the game.

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Nish Moses
Nish Moses

Depending on the day, tickets aren’t generally cheap for games . The best view is anywhere behind home plate, but expect to pay a fair bit for that. Rogers has good  viewing from anywhere around the stadium – but try and get as close to home plate as you can. 

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kevin fabel
kevin fabel

The average price for a Jays ticket is between $25 and $29.  The tickets in the 500 level are $16 for most games.  First level sides will run you around $60.  All other seats ranges from $75 to $275. 

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