Beltran bashes the Cubs

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Beltran bashes the Cubs:

I saw the Astros take on the Cubs down at Minute Maid Park.  Carlos Beltran was the big star for the Astros and could hit with the best of them and also was a tremendous outfielder.  The Cubs had Alfonso Soriano and whose biggest mistake was leaving the Yankees.  He was 2-4 during the game but also had a couple bad throws on double plays to allow the inning to stay alive for the Astros.  The food at Minute Maid Park is amazing and has so many heavenly snacks and meals that are among the best in professional sports and you really could just buy a ticket to go in there and eat things like a two foot taco, a bacon lovers dream wrapped around a stick which you can dip into hot syrup, and a host of other great foods.

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