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2001 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Coors field is a very unique sports venue. Located in the heart of Lower Downtown (LoDo) Denver, This stadium is home to the Colorado Rockies. Coors field boasts a few unique claims inside of it’s stadium as well as breathtaking views of the city and mountains and location in the heart of the city. 

About 10 rows from the top of the stadium, you will notice that the seats in this row are colored purple and not green like the rest of the seats. This denotes a very special mark; one mile above sea level. No other stadium in North America can say the same. A second claim to fame is the Sandlot Brewery, home of Blue Moon Belgian Ale. Yes, this beer was born in a baseball stadium. Coors Field is the only stadium to boast a brewery on location. One final interesting fact that adds to the storied history of The Colorado Rockies and Coors Field is what was found during excavation of the land that the stadium now resides. Several dinosaur fossils were found during the building process. This led to the Rockies selecting Dinger, a triceratops, as their mascot. Dinger was named after the the alternative term for home run, as Coors Field has seen it’s fair share of those over the years. 

The beauty of Colorado can be viewed from many areas of the stadium. The rooftop in right field offers majestic eye candy of the Rocky Mountains to it’s west and the Denver skyline to the south. Watching a sunset from this area of the stadium might make one forget about the game going on. Pictures will not do it justice, you need to experience it firsthand. After the game, or before, head across the street into the Ball Park district of LoDo. This area of the city lays claim to some of Denver’s most active bars and patrons. An assortment of activities, food and drinks can be found. Suited for anyone looking for a great time, give Coors Field and LoDo a chance to shine.

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