Palais 12 Tickets

Avenue de Miramar, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium

The magic of Palais 12 lies not only in it’s aesthetic transformation from the 2013 renovation, the easy access for travellers, or even it’s history. The magic is in every event it holds. From concerts, fairs and adrenaline-pumping sporting events, Palais 12 has all the secrets of grand entertainment. Don’t miss out on the delicious food, fantastic views from its 15,000 seats, the exciting energy coming from local and away fans. And it’s easy not to. With the airport only 20 minutes away from the stadium, and quick links to the Eurostar, you could be sipping on a pint in London and two hours later, cheering on your favourite team at an all star soccer match at Palais 12 in Brussels. With tickets at about 15 to 33 euros, it’s something to tick off your to-do list without breaking the bank.

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